How To Boost Traffic To Your Home Business Website Through Discussion Boards

Posting messages on online discussion boards is a great way to get free advertising for your home business. When you post a message include your signature file at the end. Your signature file should be no more than 5 to 6 lines. Include an attention-getting sentence why they should visit your web site or e-mail your auto responder.

Creating A Signature Line
A signature line is a few sentences inserted with every post you make. It is another form of online business card. Most online discussion boards will let you set up a signature of about six lines. Some will allow full messages. Include your URL, a short description, phone number, address, whatever may be relevant. If html formatting is allowed you may want to add a clickable link to your site with the anchor text containing your sites main subject, coupled within a phrase that gets people clicking.

Some online discussion boards allow you to leave text and graphic links at the end of your messages. You will get a better click-through rate with links than just a normal signature file.

Below are three types of messages you could post to onlinediscussion boards:

1. Informative Comments
Post information that would be informative to the people who participate on the discussion board. It could be an article or a study you’ve completed. Here s where your personal experiences could come in handy. Making real connections and sharing experiences is a great way to earn trust, so that when somebody reading your post clicks through to your signature link trust won’t be an issue and they are more receptive to your message.

2. Ask Questions
Post a question on the discussion board you would like answered. This will give you a chance to meet other experts and it could lead to a profitable joint venture.

3. Answer Questions
Post the answer to another person’s question on the discussion board. When you answer questions you will get known as an
expert on the subject.

Before posting to any online discussion board read the FAQ or rules first. They will tell you what kinds of posts are allowed. Read the board for a few days before posting your message to see what type of messages are being posted. Never post messages on a board that are unrelated to the subject because that could get you banned.

Remember also that the habit of posting on message boards can become addictive. The best thing to do is to pick a time during the day that you schedule for this type of advertising. Also choose and how long you want to spend on the message boards, and stick it. Use of this method overtime can produce tons of backlinks to your home business website, resulting in more traffic and more sales.

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