Faltering Florida Real Estate Market Keeps Experts Busy

For years, Florida’s real estate market was booming. Today, however, there are multiple signs portending a significant downturn in the market. A variety of factors is contributing to an overall decline in Florida real estate values. Once sizzling Miami is lukewarm and the Orlando boom seems to be on its way to a bust. Hot markets in Clearwater, Tampa and elsewhere are cooling, too.

According to Moody’s, Florida is one of three U.S. regions in which a crash is distinctly possible. Investors hold a whopping forty percent of properties in these areas and as the market cools, they will be doing their best to cut and run from Florida. The experts at Moody’s also not that many of Florida’s recent home buyers signed off on interest-only mortgages and are also looking for a quick way out. Some predict an overall market correction of up to fifty percent over the next few years.

Industry analysts are not the only ones ringing alarm bells. A recent interview with the President of a real estate training school in Florida indicated that, “We’ve seen a big softening in Florida–there are fewer sales to spread around more sales people.” Florida is not the real estate cash cow it was only a few short years ago.

Compounding the problem is the increasing cost of property insurance in Florida. The commercial real estate market is struggling with premiums that have quadrupled over recent years. Those heightened insurance costs are driving people away from the once-hot Florida market. Recent surveys indicate that these rapidly escalating rates are a primary factor guiding buyer decisions in the area.

Surviving and prospering within the Florida marketplace is growing increasingly complicated and difficult. The rapid changes in the area have created a need for experts who are capable of carefully evaluating the nature of the market.Florida Real Estate Watch, for instance, is keeping a close eye on the situation, uncovering remaining opportunities and steering would-be investors away from potentially dangerous decisions.

Florida’s boom may be headed for bust, but the current decline in values does not necessary spell doom for all potential investors. Smart decision making guided by critical study of the marketplace does create chances for investment success even in the declining market. Florida Real Estate watch is dedicated to providing the kind of analysis that can help anyone to get a better grip on the changing natures of Florida’s commercial and residential real estate sectors.

Florida is not the high-growth market it was only a few short years ago. Rapid over-investment, increasing insurance premiums, natural disasters, and scores of other variables are now driving prices down. If you are currently involved in the Florida market, or are looking for great opportunities within it, quality information from resources like Florida Real Estate Watch are invaluable.

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